Our Mission is to actively promote inclusion by providing a professional learning environment for children with learning difficulties to nurture their potential & develop the requisite self help, social, educational & vocational skills that are required to function in society.

Why are we unique? At Purple Door we work towards shaping an inclusive society. Inclusion is recognizing our universal ‘oneness’ and interdependence; that we are ‘one’ even though we are not the ‘same’. While researchers define inclusion within an educational concept, to us inclusion is more than merely studying together. It is about having equal opportunities for all, being accepted for what one is, being together, working together, living together…

The strong focus towards inclusion gives Purple Door students a chance to learn academic, social & vocational skills in a specially designed environment. It also gives society the opportunity to be exposed to different abilities and challenges faced by our students. At a young age this opportunity can shape minds and personalities of both those with and without disabilities in an inclusive & positive manner.

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