The genesis of Purple Door was a non-profit support group called ‘Purple Door Support Network’ which was started by our Co-Founder Ms Saher Gilani in September, 2016 on Facebook. The group grew to over 455 members and is a unique concept focusing on social inclusion of persons with disability.

The support group blossomed into “Purple Door Learning & Support Center” with the help of our Co-Founder and ABA Program Director Mr. Saad Akbar Gilani . The center opened its doors on 11th December 2017.  

Purple Door is a symbolic representation of opening the door to independence, social and emotional well-being and academic progress by using known and research-based therapies and academic programs.  

Saher Gilani
Co-Founder & Director Generalization
Saad Akbar Gilani
Co-Founder & ABA Program Director

Saher is our Co-Founder and Director Generalization Planning.  She also write the school transition plans once the child is ready to join a mainstream school. She is a passionate and committed educator. She has the following qualifications: 


Preschool Curriculum Course – HighScope Research Foundation, USA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - ICEP Certificate Course, Queen's University Belfast - UK

Understanding Autism - ICEP Certificate Course, Queen's University Belfast - UK

M.Sc Educational Studies – UK


PGCC/ Management of Change – UK

PGC Education Manager 1 & 2 – 


Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education - PK

M.A Elementary Education - PK


Saher is the only Pakistani who is a certified IB PYP Workshop Leader and provides trainings to all IB PYP schools in Pakistan, Middle East and Europe.  

She has worked in United Arab Emirates as an educational leader for last 13 years and led the teams of teachers from diverse backgrounds. She also worked closely with the special needs departments and external agencies in order to promote inclusion at mainstream schools. Prior to that, she worked at The City School for 6 years as a Principal, Assistant Director Inspections and General Manager Curriculum. 

At Purple Door, Saher is implementing HighScope in the early years and New York SED [Special Education Department] for the older children. The programs will be selected based on the academic level of the children who join us. Her vision is to ensure our children with difficulties are independent enough in their lives to be successful. 

Although Saher is permanently based in the UAE, she visits Pakistan frequently in order to support the school that she already owns in Lahore. To know more about her school and her accomplishments as a professional, you can visit the following websites


You can reach Saher on the email address given below:

Saad Gilani is our Co-founder and Director Programs of Purple Door Learning and Support Centre Pakistan.

Saad will be the incharge of training the staff in a manner that they can deliver effective sessions. He will also write and update the programs for each child at the center. 


Saad holds ‘Advance Diploma in Inclusion’ from Queen Belfast University Ireland and ‘BTEC HND in Management’ from the University of Glamorgan Wales.

Saad worked in Dubai at Child Early Intervention Medical Centre for 6 Years as Senior ABA Therapist and as a Class teacher. Throughout his career, Saad has worked with many children with different learning difficulties aging from 2 to 22 years.


Currently Saad is based in London and working with families as a Team Leader.
Saad has expertise in writing ABA programs for each individual child according to the child’s need. Not only does he deliver workshops for staff, but for parents too. As he strongly believes that working in partnership with parents is the best way to achieve progress in a
child’s learning/development. He also believes Early Intervention is very important because the earlier parents find support for their child, the bright future the child will have. During his career, Saad has attended many ongoing ABA trainings such as, RBT, Data
collection/Recording/Graphing training, Behavior Management and Behavior support plans etc. Saad enjoys taking part in conferences such as ‘Autism around the world’ and many more.


If you are interested in reaching Saad, please email him at the below address:


Please also CC Hassan using his email below to ensure we get back to you in a timely manner

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Hassan Shaheed
Center Manager

Hassan has a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance with Computer Major in his Bachelors. 

He worked with a center for special needs in Dubai Healthcare City for 4 years in the position of Head Scheduler and Team Lead for Payroll. 

His association with the center as a scheduler has given him enough knowledge to work with the parents who need additional support for their children. 

He also worked as a short-term supply shadow teacher at the early phase of his career. He has also worked as Assistant ABA Therapist.

Hassan is committed to the cause and is very hardworking. 

He has been trusted with the position of Center Manager in order to supervise the therapists, teachers and TAs; and monitor the the daily operations. 

His job involved customer handling and problem solving. 

If you want to talk to someone about the daily schedules, the one-on-one sessions or and special arrangements; you can always contact Hassan and he will come back to you with a solution. 

His email address is:

We look forward to connecting with you.

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