• Saher Gilani

Eyes filled with dreams...

Dedicated to all my kiddos at Purple Door https://www.facebook.com/groups/533061056897197/

I am so blessed to be understood, loved and respected by all our students. Students who are considered to be lacking in understanding the concept of emotions and respect... Students who are considered to be lacking in making us understand their message... Students who are considered to be lacking or left behind in their milestones... Really!!! If you are still thinking they cannot love, cannot show emotions or attachments, then come and join us and watch them work with us. We have created a home away from home for them where we make them work, have fun and feel safe. Safety is the first fundamental...please know no child will ever love or respect you, if they don't feel safe with you. Love them! Love them unconditionally! Don't be scared, don't be hesitant...They will learn to give it back to you. They will!!! They do My heart is filled with their love and my eyes are weaving dreams of seeing them successful at their own level that is NOT compared with anyone. We can NOT give up. Not now! Not ever!


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