• Saher Gilani

No one said it is going to be easy and it isn't easy at all!

Every step, every milestone, every target counts... Here we are with our Purple Door student who is attempting an online challenge using keyboard and mouse for the very first time. I am just simply amazed at how quickly he learnt to use the mouse as he had been working on the laptop before so keyboard skill wasn't new at all. Mouse use, however, was a little challenging as he has some muscular training yet to be done. Not only that, but attempting to listen to a computerized sound and following instructions which has never been generalized before... Undstanding the concept of reaching the score of 100 in order to succeed even at his own pace... Having fun at the same time as the expressions are just so precious... Hoorayyy If that's the start of our newest online challenge at Purple Door...imagine the end 🤩 Love every moment I live at Purple Door ❤️ Special thanks to Hassan Gilani for supporting me while introducing the challenge to our angel.


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